Promoting Safe Space for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

One of our listeners and Pateron members has asked us to promote for them and we are GLAD to do so!

Sexual harassment, assault, and abuse can happen anywhere, including in online spaces. For too long harassment, cyberbullying, and sexual abuse and exploitation have come to be expected as typical and unavoidable behaviors. 

If you can help or know someone that needs help please direct them to the information below.

This is the website for North Carolina:
This is the website for anyone anywhere:

You can also donate to the cause here –

This is for MEN AND WOMEN!!! No one is turned away when they need help!


#17 – Beam Me Up or Don’t… It’s Your Call

Who knew it would take 17 episodes to get to a cult? Yet here we are.
This one is one of the wildest things I have ever talked about – and I talk about A LOT OF STUFF ALL THE TIME!

Enjoy us discussing Heavens Gate where you have to match to get to the spaceship and rules change all the time! You must leave ALL your worldy life behind – no thank you.

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Join Us…. Won’t You?

We’ve been trying to think of things to call our fans but we have no idea what to call you. It’s like you want it to rhyme but maybe it doesn’t have to?
But also it needs to be cool and yet make sense.
So instead of thinking up a name we did something else to make you feel involved and THAT’S start a Patreon.
We made 5 different levels (four of which have awesome perks) for you to join that way you can pick what you want and how you want to support us! It’s awesome!

We always want to keep you included and having fun but we want you to feel like you’re a part of this with us!
That’s what we made our patreon for! For everyone to enjoy!
I’m sure we will add more stuff and cool stuff on there that aren’t listed because, if you know me, that’s how I roll.

Join us, won’t you?

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