Promoting Safe Space for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

One of our listeners and Pateron members has asked us to promote for them and we are GLAD to do so!

Sexual harassment, assault, and abuse can happen anywhere, including in online spaces. For too long harassment, cyberbullying, and sexual abuse and exploitation have come to be expected as typical and unavoidable behaviors. 

If you can help or know someone that needs help please direct them to the information below.

This is the website for North Carolina:
This is the website for anyone anywhere:

You can also donate to the cause here –

This is for MEN AND WOMEN!!! No one is turned away when they need help!


Leave One to Focus on the Other

Ahhh decisions.
Do we like to make them?
Do we have to make them?

We are trying to decide what’s best for us and our podcast PLUS what will work best for our listeners and people who want to stay involved.
We’ve been trying to utilize YouTube but it’s really not one thing that we’re good with keeping up with but also not something some people like to or want to use to stay involved SO we’re giving it the ol boot.
Not forever – but we’re just going to be using it for gaming now.

INSTEAD we are going to be using Patreon and making it more valuable for our listeners.
We’ve got 4 tiers to choose from and we know each tier is a good tier no matter what one you choose!

We’ve got some awesome stuff coming to Patreon so joining asap would be awesome – but no pressure!
We love that you just listen to us and let us come to you each week with another story and tale!
You guys really are the best!

Don’t forget if you love us and want to rate us 5 stars on Apple podcast we would REALLY appreciate it!

Phone Cases For All!

We are now partnered with Casetify!

So Excited GIFs | Tenor

That means whenever you shop GREAT cases we get commission for our podcast and THAT, my friends, is super exciting!
All you have to do is head here to shop –
We are SO excited to be a brand partner with them and I am so excited about my case I’m getting too!
It’s sooooooo cute and sooooo bright because I never know where I lay my phone down LOL!

So if you’re feeling froggy get your case today!