New Stuff!

It’s fun to get on things and see little surprises, right?
WELL I found out today that we can now sell awesome water bottles on our shop!!!
I’ve added water bottles on every listing I can – some wouldn’t let me and I’m not sure why but MOST listings have water bottles now and I am EXCITED!
You can find all the water bottles we have here –

You can strut your stuff with a water bottle like this one is strutting AS a water bottle.
Wonder how many times I can say “water bottle” in this post?

Merry Late Christmas

Happy Saturday our little victims! It’s the day after Christmas and we are LAAZZZY!!
We hope you had/are having a wonderful holiday – we had a a good one!

As you have been able to tell we haven’t had any episodes out the last two weeks – we decided the holiday season was the perfect time to take a break and rejuvenate!
And it’s been awesome to relax a little bit but we are definitely itching to come back!

We Were On A Break GIF by NETFLIX - Find & Share on GIPHY

Us being on a a break is the PERFECT time for you to catch up on previous episodes!
You can find all the places to listen here —> Listen and there’s a lot of places so you can find your favorite podcasting place and listen away.

We still have our awesome podcast merch available too!
Now that Christmas is over you can get your favorites and get them sent straight to your door!
Old logo, new logo, and quotes from other episodes – they’re all so fun and we add stuff all the time!
Get your favorites and rock them today!


New Merch and Fan Picked Name!

Shop our merch here –

TWO super cool updates.
We asked in the our Facebook Group what our listeners should be called because you need a name, right?
We thought so – so we let you give some options and we did a poll to see what would win annnnnnnnnnnnnd we have a winner!

VICTIMS is the winner!

VICTIMS is the winner – you chose, you voted, you won!
Now our listeners will be called our little victims! Perfect!
So what’s fun about that is that it makes super cool merch!
We’ve got super cool shirts and stickers now with this awesome name on it!
Two different styles and two different sayings but both equally cool.


I am loving these styles and we have YOU to thank!
Seriously – our fans rock!

Get all your favorite merch today and send us pics! We will feature you on our IG page!