#16 – But Did He Drive Away to Die

So… I got in DEEP with this one.
First of all it’s just Ashli – no Eric.
We’ve been having some serious technical issues with our content not wanting to upload to our site so really it was ‘if you can get one out then get it out’ kind of thing.
So todays is short and to the point – but also updated with some news about this case that came out THURSDAY!

Today we talk about Jonathan Luna and his mysterious death.
Why was he 95 miles away from his home in the middle of the night?
Was it suicide or murder?
So many questions – and it’s still unsolved! Take a listen and see what you think about Jonathan Luna!

The Bizarre Death of Jonathan Luna • Morbidology

#72 – Human Foot Discoveries Marriage, Hauntings, and Murder

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