#24 – This Crime Scene is Too Crime Sceny For Me

Ahhhhh disappearances.
Why am I so obsessed with them?
I can’t stop reading about them – thanks a lot Reddit.
But we found one that reminded me of a book – I’ll let you guess what book – but it reminded me of a popular book as I was reading it.
It’s odd.

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The disappearance of Joan Risch.
It’s weird, it’s confusing and it’s too crime scent for me!

Image result for joan risch
Joan Risch
Image result for joan risch
The Kitchen

It’s definitely something that baffles me – and really doesn’t make any sense.
There are A LOT of theories about what happened here… some by people who lived here and some by people like me who just read about it.
What do you think?

#72 – Human Foot Discoveries Marriage, Hauntings, and Murder

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