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New Patreon Series!

Let’s all get excited!

Our new Patreon series is out and it’s SO fun!
We’ve started doing reviews about horror movies, tv shows and whatever else comes our way that we pick out or you recommend!
It’s fun and it’s something we think you’ll really enjoy!
Plus it’s a nice break from talking about true crime all the time – sometimes that stuff gets heavy so it’s nice to talk about something and get to laugh and have a little fun!
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Halloween is Coming!

Yessss Halloween is coming which means fun things are coming soon too!
If you’ve been a fan of ours you know last year we (and by we I mean I LOL) did some Halloween makeup looks on our YouTube page – but since we don’t really use YouTube anymore we’ve decided to do them on our Patreon page!
It’s going to be for all patrons – so $1 and up get to see and be apart of our Halloween looks (the good and the bad) and also when you’re a patron you get your name shouted out on our podcast – so win win!

We’ve also got extra episodes we post too – and other fun things – on our patreon so you’ll never be without!
But Halloween is when we shine and when things get fun so you’re NOT going to want to miss it!
Let’s get spooky, shall we?

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It’s been a while since we added some new designs in the shop and today we’ve got some good ones!
TWO new designs – we love them both!

These designs are on bags, shirts, stickers and more!
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Leave One to Focus on the Other

Ahhh decisions.
Do we like to make them?
Do we have to make them?

We are trying to decide what’s best for us and our podcast PLUS what will work best for our listeners and people who want to stay involved.
We’ve been trying to utilize YouTube but it’s really not one thing that we’re good with keeping up with but also not something some people like to or want to use to stay involved SO we’re giving it the ol boot.
Not forever – but we’re just going to be using it for gaming now.

INSTEAD we are going to be using Patreon and making it more valuable for our listeners.
We’ve got 4 tiers to choose from and we know each tier is a good tier no matter what one you choose!

We’ve got some awesome stuff coming to Patreon so joining asap would be awesome – but no pressure!
We love that you just listen to us and let us come to you each week with another story and tale!
You guys really are the best!

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New Stuff!

It’s fun to get on things and see little surprises, right?
WELL I found out today that we can now sell awesome water bottles on our shop!!!
I’ve added water bottles on every listing I can – some wouldn’t let me and I’m not sure why but MOST listings have water bottles now and I am EXCITED!
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Wonder how many times I can say “water bottle” in this post?

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So Excited GIFs | Tenor

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#72 – Human Foot Discoveries Marriage, Hauntings, and Murder

Well I know I am never traveling to BC or Washington – I want to keep my feet! Here's some weird foot discoveries and some shoes you may want to skip wearing! Ad in the podcast – Private investigation in the USA and Japan. Subscribe to get extra episodes here – Find Ashli's book here – and here – Spooky Stories here – MHM Merch here – Find us on TikTok – Find us on YouTube – Find us on Fiverr for more ways to advertise – Find us on Facebook and Instagram at MhauntingsM Find us on Twitter at AndHauntings
  1. #72 – Human Foot Discoveries
  2. #71 – The Horrific Katherine Knight
  3. Happening Now – The Affidavit
  4. HAPPENING NOW – Bryan Kohberger and the Idaho College Murders
  5. HAPPENING NOW – Moscow Press Conference 12/30/2022

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